Order Conditions

1. Fulfillment of the Sales Conditions

1.1. Sales conditions are effective for Beautystore.ee Clients (customers) and Beautystore.ee owners – Dr.O.Puuste Kosmeetika OÜ (hereinafter referred to as Beautystore.ee). The exchange of merchandise is effectuated on a legal basis.
1.2. General sales conditions can't contradict the law of the Estonian Republic and if necessary can be supplemented (in case of a disagreement or missing information) with additional provisions. In addition, these general sales conditions regulate the relations between the Client and Beautystore.ee, product information, pricing, merchandise information and current best practices.
1.3.Beautystore.ee and its customer wish to conclude a deal on sale/purchase of merchandise from Beautystore.ee throughBeautystore.ee website in accordance with the conditions set forth in this document. On the Beautystore.ee website, the Client confirms that they have read and accept the sales conditions.

2. Beautystore.ee prices

2.1. Prices for products sold at the internet store Beautystore.ee are displayed in EURO and do not include shipping.
2.2. All the prices on the Beautystore.ee website includes 20% VAT.
2.3. To the purchases below 50 € will be added the shipping costs which depends on the method selected by the Client.
2.4. Beautystore.ee reserves the right to change the conditions and product prices. The new conditions, price changes and additions become effective from the moment the information on the webpage www.beautystore.ee is updated. If the client placed an order before any changes to the conditions were made, the product is delivered to the Client in accordance with the previous conditions.

3. Cart and order placement.

3.1. The Client adds products to cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.
3.2. Adding something to cart does not constitute the Client's obligation to make a purchase.
3.3. The Client can change the contents of the cart by adding products or deleting them from it.
3.4. Until the payment is received, the product in one Client's cart may be purchased by another Client.
3.5.To place an order, you must press the "Place an Order" button. When placing an order, the Client selects a method and form of payment, as well as a shipping method. It's important to check with the rights of the customer and the supplier. Proper shipping and delivery depend on how precise the information provided by the customer was. The products are delivered properly when the order has been correctly placed. Upon clicking the "Send order" button an invoice is sent to the e-mail address .
3.6. A sale is considered fulfilled when the Client has made the payment and Beautystore.ee has received the payment to the account of Beautystore.ee.

4. Product shipping and delivery
4.1. After the Client has setteled the payment Beautystore.ee will give the products ready for the shipment to our shipping partner.
4.2. Providing specific and correct information when placing an order helps to ensure delays and mistakes are avoided when delivering the products ordered. Beautystore.ee or Smartpost are not responsible for any delays or mistakes in the delivery in case these were caused by incorrect or insufficiently specific information provided by the Client when placing the order.
4.3.The Client can select any of the following shipping methods: through Smartpost 2.40 €, Post24 2.40 €, Omniva courier service 3.75 €. It's also possible to pick up the order at our warehouse in the center of Tallinn from 9 am to 5 pm.
4.3.1. Within Estonia shipment will be 0.00 € if the order amount exeeds 50.00 € by Smartpost and Post24, Omniva courier service in Estonia is 0.00 €, if the order amount exceeds 75.00 €.
4.4 The products that has been damaged during the shipment will be replaced to the Client.
4.5. Beautystore.ee is not responsible if the products will not reach the client in time though the products has been delivered to the shipment partner in time. Beautystore.ee does not refound the Client loss of opportunities by a change of delivery time that can´t be forseen or predict.

5. Order annulment and returning merchandise

5.1. If the product does not fit the Client's purpose or expectations, it can be returned within 14 business days from the moment it was delivered.
5.2. The product can only be returned if it hasn't been damaged or used, contains all the labels and is in the original package. To return a product, the Client must send a request to info@beautystore.ee.
5.3. The buyer covers any expenses related to the return of a product.The buyer covers in full all expenses related to the return of the product, but no more than EUR 10, except for cases when the product delivered is not what was ordered.
5.4. If the buyer or the Client wishes to return the product the Client must send the request to Info@beautystore.ee within 14 business days from the moment the product was delivered by beautystore.ee. The Client will be contacted by beautystore.ee not later than 14 days from the request received from the Client.
5.5 When the products has been returned to beautystore.ee and checked the mony will be returned not later than in 14 days after receiving the returned product.

6. Personal data protection

6.1. Beautystore.ee uses the personal data provided by the Client only to process the Client's orders. The data is treated with all due confidentiality; it is not passed to third parties except for cases the delivery method selected by the Client provides for it, as well as in cases provided for by the law.
6.2. Beautystore.ee does not have accsess to the Client´s personal and cryted data when Client is paying for the products through the bank.

7. Pretensions

7.1. Beautystore.ee is not responsible for unexpected damage or defect if Client has not used or maintained the product propely. The defect of the product is not the defect of outer package.
7.2. If the product does not fit the Client´s purpose or expectations the Clent has to send a request to info@beautystore.ee that containsthe following information: the Client´s name and contact information; date of makeing the claim; product defect discovered; demands to Beautystore.ee being made; invoice number; description of the defect of the product.
7.3. Such a request must be sent no later than within 1 monthfrom the moment the defect has been discovered. If the Client does not make the claim within this period, they forfeit the right to demand for the product to be repaired for free or for any parts to be replaced by beautystore.ee